Flowers: The Flourish You Need to Zest Up Your Life

It’s is finally Springtime!

As nature “springs” its way up from the ground, we can explore curious ways to relish in all that this season has to offer. One Springtime treat that can cultivate creativity and quirky inspirations are flowers! ‘Tis the season of vitality, freshness, and blossoming as we slowly emerge from the cold, and dark winter. Some of the flowers that have caught my attention lately are lavender and rose.

Rose and Lavender not only look and smell beautiful but they also have a significant amount of aroma therapeutic and healing properties...because, of course... everything that nature produces contains multiple beneficial purposes.

Flower Benefits

There are various ways to access the awesomeness of rose buds like rose water, rose essential oils or dried buds.


Immune system boost

Menstrual pain reducer

Stress and anxiety relief

Toner for skin


Inspires love and romance

Boosts libido

Lavender flowers are just as magical as roses! Essential oils and teas are perfect ways to start exploring with this herb.

Lavender benefits

Anxiety and stress reducer


Bug repellant

Relieves insomnia

Improving circulation and respiration

I love finding new ways to utilize flowers, spices and other unique ingredients to zest up recipes I use in and on my body. Two of my most recent obsessions is Rose Lavender Chocolate chip cookies and a Rose Lavender Calendula bath soak.

** Please do your research before you start chomping on flowers and leaves**

** Make sure the plants you cook with are food grade...pesticides probably won’t be all that tasty**

Rose Lavender Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe

Bake: 350° 10-15 mins

2 Eggs

2 ¼ cup Flour

1 cup Butter (room temp.)

1 ¼ cup Sugar

1 tsp. Baking powder

½ tsp. Salt

1 tsp. Vanilla extract

1 tbsp. Crushed dried lavender and rose petals

¼ cup Chocolate chips

Mix sugar, butter, egg. Then add flour, baking powder, salt and extract. Lastly, add flowers

and chocolate. Form into ball and bake for specified time.

** Feel free to improvise on the chocolate or flowers! Be careful with the lavender though, you don’t want your cookies to taste like perfume.

** Room temperature (soft) butter is crucial for soft and chewy cookies.

Rose Lavender Calendula Bath Soak

Epsom salt - 1 c

Himalayan pink salt (optional)- 1/4 c

Jamaican Black castor oil*- 2 tbsp

Olive oil- 1 tbsp

Peppermint oil- 6 drops

Lemon Oil- 6 drops

Dried Lavender flowers

Dried Rose buds

Dried Calendula

** You may replace black castor oil with the following oils: coconut, grapeseed, argan, jojoba,

** Include some amethyst or rose quartz to your bath ritual to further enhance the experience.

Flowers are just one of the many ways that nature reminds us to have fun and laugh!

Find curiosity in the world around you.

Give back to the Earth. Buy some flowers, plant some flowers.

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Stay Quirky

Photo by Ezekixl Akinnewu from Pexels