Interview with Kendra Krueger

It is important for us to share the voices of black women who resonate with Curious Sunshine values. I am honored to feature the brilliant, Kendra Krueger!

I first met Kendra in grad school at Naropa University, she was my science instructor. The best real-life version of Mrs. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus, you could ever imagine! She inspired me to love my whole self and to seek magic in everything!

Kendra Krueger is an engineer, professor and community organizer who teaches how to use science as a tool for personal liberation and discovery.  ​She has a bachelor and masters degree in Electrical Engineering (BS Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, MS University of Colorado Boulder) and has experience in radio astronomy, semiconductor physics, photolithography and ceramics.  She is trained in facilitation, permaculture, anti-oppression, mindfulness meditation and dabbles in radio production, journalism, theater, dance and music.


Interview with Kendra

What do you do for a living?

I am an inter-sectional scientist and educator. I teach and do research on how we can use both analytical and intuitive skills to learn about ourselves and the universe.

What are you passionate about and why is that important to you?

I'm passionate about finding new ways to get free/liberated based on the patterns and information that exist in nature and the universe.

What does “being quirky” mean to you?

Being called quirky sometimes feels like people aren't willing to take the time to understand each other. Perhaps it has something to do with complexity. We are all complex beings but some of us are more tuned into the subtle complexities of ourselves and lean into them. We're conditioned to use a reductionist approach to understand one another; categorizing and comparing to what is normal. When we bear witness to someone that is not easily categorized we say they quirky but really it is a loss to us because we have not created the capacity to hold the complexity of their full selves.

How has curiosity or being inquisitive impacted your life?

My curiosity has become an obsession. I'm constantly trying to make connections between seemingly disparate topics and events. Considering how current events, thermodynamics, my personal life and the weather are all interconnected. I just have to find/write the story that fits all the pieces together. A lot of the times the story/archetypes/connections can be found in mythology and ancestral traditions.

What ways do you play and how does that help your overall well being?

Play is a time to lean into the entropy of nature. A time to be messy and beautiful just like the stars. I play through making art and being silly with friends. Art and play are a means of research and assist me with finding new information within my subconscious.

What does being radically authentic feel like to you?

It feels terrifying. Most folk are not actually equipped to handle our full selves. But it becomes a tool of discernment to know who your people really are. When you find a community that can bear witness to you in a state of 'radical authenticity' it can feel like all the possibilities of the universe are at your finger tips.

How do you engage in mindfulness in your daily life?

I see myself as a radio that needs to be tuned to certain frequencies. That tuning is a practice to filter out noise, remember my intentions and call in resonant possibilities and community.

What are some of the shadows you face as a quirky black woman?

All the shadows. Fear, doubt, ego, loneliness. But I try to remember that every shadow is a servant to lead me back into my light.

Describe your relationship with nature?

I use the external world as a reflection and reminder of my own personal journey. I draw inspiration from processes of incubation, birth, life, death and transformation from the patterns of nature around me.

What advice do you have for marginalized folks who are trying to find their own unique tribe?

Have courage, try lots of things, tune into your personal frequency and take note when it feels amplified or diminished. Remember, every challenge and setback can be cosmic opportunities for us to lean into our complexity and be truly extraordinary.

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