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The Delphian crystal has been created! Now, you can view the memories of Delphia and find out why they suddenly vanished.


The Delphians were such a beam of joy wherever they went. Though they made a big impact in the stars, they were fragile beings, as they were mostly made of light. They would host parties when the surrounding energy was just right for them to safely & authentically provide healing.  You can always tell who was a Delphian by their laughter. It was one of the heartiest and nourishing sounds, next to their music. It would fill the air causing side-splitting cackles and chortles. When they vanished, the parties stopped. The music stopped. The joy stopped. Fortunately, they taught us enough of their ways to keep the joy flowing in their absence. 


Did you find the common theme from the clues you found on the Delphian Path? The LINK to your next and final clue is hidden in the above text.


To find the key to the Delphian beings, read the passage above again, more slowly, and your path will emerge. 

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