**Due to COVID-19 health and safety concerns, Quirkshops will be held online until further notice. Please stay safe.**


Quirkshops and classes

Curious Sunshine supports catalyzing liberation and fulfillment by providing a space to allow for conversation and connections to occur. We offer Quirkshops that give people of color opportunities to converse, meditate, and create in ways that access our truth and celebrate that discovery.

Quirkshops (Quirky + Workshop)- This experience offers black women an opportunity to dive into activities surrounding what it means to be quirky and curious and how we can embrace it and inspire others with it. Utilizing nature, play, and mindfulness, participants are free to engage with the side of themselves that go against what is “normal” through artistic expression. Mindfulness techniques, nature connection, and laughter will be a part of this community gathering. 


Youth and Corporate Quirkshops are also offered!

Contact for more information about workshops and to schedule a consultation.