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Striving to inspire and catalyze joy, authenticity and liberation through play, curiosity, and mindfulness


Curious Sunshine focuses on wellness, emphasizing in creative mindfulness techniques and unique experiences that explore curiosity and play.  We strive to catalyze change that celebrates individuality as well as providing inclusive opportunities that strengthen our connection to the natural world. The art of being inquisitive and embracing our own curiosities is one way to access more authenticity and happiness in our lives. Similar to sunshine, we are here to cultivate joy, authenticity and liberation through play and art. Out platform is where marginalized and quirky people, can come and express who we truly are!


Learning the foundations of mindfulness and how to cultivate presence within the natural world. Exploring meditation techniques and learning how to strengthen self awareness and awareness of our environment


Giving space to being inquisitive, thinking outside of the box and challenging the status quo. Additionally embracing our own  curiosities, uniqueness and quirks and celebrate them!


Play is important for adults too!! Looking at the importance of play on a neural, emotional, physical and spiritual level and how we can use play to discover our authenticity



The Founder

Sarah Modesty Iverson is an artist, play alchemist, and nature enthusiast. She has a B.A. in Art (CSU Fresno) and  M.A. in Environmental Leadership (Naropa University). With her educational background, she works to merge the importance of play and mindfulness with her love of creative expression through, Curious Sunshine. Sarah is passionate about reconnecting communities of color to holistic joy through education and empowering experiences.  She is trained in meditation, Reiki healing, facilitation, dance, graphic arts, herbalism and wilderness first aid.


U.S. Play Coalition- Educational Speaker at 2022 U.S. Play Conference

Samaritan House- Women & Youth Workshop Facilitator

Project ACT- Training Program Developer

Colorado Black Health Coalition- Workshop Facilitator

Denver Public Schools- After School Workshop Facilitator

Soul 2 Soul Sisters- Workshop Facilitator

Colorado State University- Panelist

Denver University- Panelist and Workshop Facilitator

Black in Color Wellness Activity Book- Author, Illustrator and Publisher

Colorado University Boulder- Book distribution

Shop at Matter (Colorado) - Book distribution

Mutiny Cafe (Colorado) - Book Distribution

Akente Express (Colorado)- Book Distribution

Brass Unicorn (California)- Book Distribution

And More!


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