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Celebrating joy, authenticity and liberation through play, curiosity, and mindfulness


Established in Denver, Colorado since its foundation in 2018, Curious Sunshine beams as a beacon of playful wellness. Using a uniquely curated methodology within workshops and personalized coaching programs, we ignite the spirit of play to invigorate your holistic journey. Our approach, a bespoke blend of proven research, boundless creativity, and whimsical charm, ensuring guidance for exploration and growth. This combination crafts truly unforgettable experiences for each adventurer who joins us. Curious Sunshine's mission dances on the edge of imagination, daring to unveil the boundless horizons that lie beyond the ordinary. Join us in embracing the wild wonder of life and uncovering the essence of living to its fullest potential!

The alchemist behind the magic

Hi there! I am Sarah, the creator of Curious Sunshine! I  am a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur. My love for the weird and magical started when I was a kid collecting crystals, decoding dreams, learning circus tricks and diving into the world of imagination. This ultimately brought me from California to Colorado where I received my Masters in Environmental Leadership. I strive to bring that childlike curiosity to my healing work to help others tap back into their own playful curiosity. A big motivator in my work is reconnecting communities of color to holistic joy through education and empowering experiences.  I strongly believe play is a vital component to our wellness. When we allow ourselves to tap into a playful state of mind, we elevate our consciousness and raise our vibration because play is love. I have a “toy chest” full of experience and magical techniques including reiki, herbalism, meditation, dreamwork, sacred clowning, coaching, light language and much more. 


Momentom Collective- Circus & Performing Arts Residency 2024

U.S. Play Coalition- Educational Speaker at 2022 U.S. Play Conference

Samaritan House- Women & Youth Workshop Facilitator

Project ACT- Training Program Developer

Colorado Black Health Coalition- Workshop Facilitator

Denver Public Schools- After School Workshop Facilitator

Soul 2 Soul Sisters- Workshop Facilitator

Colorado State University- Panelist

Denver University- Panelist and Workshop Facilitator

Black in Color Wellness Activity Book- Author, Illustrator and Publisher

And More!


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