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Holistic play Coaching

Invigorate your life today!

WHat is holistic play coaching

Ready to add some zest into your life? With Holistic Play Coaching sessions, we work together 1:1 to cultivate more joy and authenticity through intentional play within all aspects of your daily life. Using techniques like intuitive messages, energy healing, and meditations, we connect with source of Divine Cosmic Love to help find ways to play for healing and liberation. Holistic Play Coaching uses the Curious Sunshine Method to take you on an invigorating adventure to self-discovery and celebration!


Finding ways to connect with the universe and learn the language of the cosmos


Developing your "inner play being" and utilizing this state of mind for transmutation


Cultivating awareness through mindfulness and making intentional choices that will bring fulfillment


Breaking down barriers through curiosity and paradigm shifting


For those who are new on their spiritual path or those who are seasoned pros, there is a package perfect for all stages of your spiritual journey!

30-minute Discovery Session

Schedule a 30 minute mini-session to get an idea of what our session would look like and what package would be the best fit for you!


With Holistic Play Coaching, you receive:

  • Assessments

  • Games and Activities

  • Tools and techniques

  • Goal setting and plans

Bubbles Package

  • Four 45-minute sessions

  • Best for:

    • Beginners, new to holistic or spiritual lifestyle

  • Incorporate mindfulness tools

  • Tap into imagination & play

  • Set daily habits promoting joy

Starting at $250


Sunshine Package

  • Eight 50-minute sessions

  • Best for:

    • Amplify & invigorate spiritual practice and lifestyle

  • Develop unique mindful play initiatives

  • Begin diving into deep curiosity & paradigm shifting

  • Incorporating play into spirituality and complex life situations

Starting at $530

cosmic Package

  • Twelve 60-minute sessions

  • Best for:

    • Radical liberation and trusting in universe and higher self

  • Refining communication with the universe - looking at signs and synchronicities

  • Asking life changing questions and celebrating truth and courage

  • Discovering the rules and invitations for play in the cosmic game of life

Starting at $960


As your coach

I hope to inspire you to choose more authenticity in your life. As we work together, it is important for you to know me, as I get to know you.

I lead with compassionate actions that align with my heart. I meet adversities head on with fierce passion and intention, while also relishing in the happy-sunshine-bubbly moments that present themselves. It is important that I face challenges and shadow work with grit and courage because that is where liberation and fulfillment are found. As a wanderer and adventurer, belonging everywhere and nowhere, I continuously am becoming friends with the ever-changing dance of life. This, to me, is what makes life so exciting. Finding magic in everything is so important to this experience on this planet, and I strive to do this and to help others do this through play. All while following the flow of the universe and communicating with the divine cosmic love.

I incorporate elements of Animism, Buddhism, African Spirituality, and Intergalactic Connections into my work as an coach, energy healer, herbalist and play alchemist.

What to expect with my coaching style

  • Gentle guidance with fierce motivation and accountability

  • Openness, compassion and understanding

  • Bubbly energy and positive outlook in all stages of your awakening

  • Inviting unconventional and quirky methods & techniques

  • Developing new ways to step of your comfort zone

  • Showing up authentically

  • Diving into shadow work and finding playful ways to accept, heal or transmute

Ready to begin your adventure?
Book a session today!

Coaching isn't your jam but still want to work with me?

I also offer spiritual play healing sessions!

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