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Curious Sunshine offers various services to help you amplify the play in your life! All offerings follow the uniquely curated process, the Curious Sunshine Method, to guide you in innovative way to heal, express, and liberate! The Curious Sunshine Method utilizes mindfulness, curiosity, imagination and play as vital components to a more joyfully liberating life. 


Explore and rediscover your inner play-being through the Curious Sunshine methodology utilizing mindfulness, curiosity, and play! Learn techniques, play games and have authentic discussions in celebrating your unique and playful self! Options include: traditional lecture-style workshop or immersive gamified workshop

Reiki & Energy Healing

Take a play-based approach to energy work! Experience reiki healing, intuitive messages, chakra assessments, dice rolling, sound healing and more as we raise your vibration through play!

Speaking Engagements 

Book me to speak about:

  • The Curious Sunshine Method

  • Playful Wellness & Holistic Joy

  • Sacredness & Spirituality of Play

  • Sacred Clowning

  • Black Entrepreneurship 

  • Multipotentiality / Multi-passionate Creatives

  • Much more!

Black In Color Books

Buy my wellness activity book direct and wholesale!

Holistic Play Coaching

Training Developments

Bring play into your workspace! Tap into new depths of your imagination to create newness and connection within the office! Journey through the Curious Sunshine method as it applies to your business.

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